It also has highly adjustable arm rests with 4 degrees of movement. Gaming chairs are nice and all, but what if you want something that doesn’t make you feel like you’re sitting in a cocoon? The AirCentric 2 Multi-Tilt is an office chair-like design — no RGB lighting or weird, cuplike seats — that is also great for gaming in. The seat upholstery is a heavy-duty 34.9% (25.8% post-consumer and 9.1% pre-consumer recycled) textile with high performance properties.

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Explore Herman Miller’s range of performance seating for office chair options that can also double as gaming chairs off the clock. Discover the perfect gifts for gamers – everything they need for an ideal gaming setup. The best gifts for gamers include ergonomic designs that help enhance their competitive edge.

Pioneer in Gaming Chairs

This chair separates itself from the rest with the addition of a cup holder and two arms that support a few different devices. One arm can hold a laptop and the other a tablet or mobile phone. The icing on the cake is its integrated leg rest that slides underneath the base. The chair comes with all the tools needed to assemble and is simple to put together.

A chair’s materials are also important to consider, both what’s packed inside and what’s wrapped around it. Most gaming chairs we’ve seen use polyurethane leather , a leather-like synthetic material, for the covering, and dense foam for the padding. It’s the most common configuration for a gaming chair, but it isn’t the only option. Some chairs have fabric shells, while others are available in genuine leather . This is specifically for gaming in front of your TV, with a light design you can easily toss aside if you want to hang out on the couch with friends.

The model I tested was covered in polyurethane-coated leather, but the chair also comes in the company’s SoftWeave fabric and a napa leather chair option. If you’re trying to choose between the Omega and Titan, I’d say the Omega has a slight edge in terms of the seat cushion comfort level. That said, this added comfort comes with a narrower seat base. The Omega was designed for gamers up to 5 feet, 11 inches tall and up to 240 pounds. However, I’m 6 feet tall and found the chair easy to sit in all day. While office chairs generally offer only limited adjustments on the angle between the seat and the back of the chair, gaming chairs let you lean back with the pull of a lever.

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Choosing the right gaming chair depends on your setup and requirements. Flight simulation and racing style gaming chairs have mounts, like steering controls, for a more realistic gaming experience. PC gaming seats come in various color combinations, making it easy to match them with your current gaming room or office furniture. Rocker gaming chairs sit directly on the floor and cradle your body for hours of console gaming, while letting you lean and rock as required for comfort.

And the mesh backrest allows better airflow than you get in a typical 電競椅品牌. The height can be adjusted with paddles under the outside edge, while buttons on the inside let you slide the rests left and right. Press the buttons on the front inside edge of the rests themselves and you can slide them forward and backward as well as rotate them in and out. The back reclines and the whole chair tilts so you can lean back and dream of all the ways you’ll defeat your enemies. Due to its unique design, it is heavier than a traditional gaming chair and may require some help while building it.

The Respawn Spire offers a similar look and feel for much less money. It combines a cooling, faux-leather seat with dense mesh on the back, and adds comfortable reclining and the unique ability to flip your armrests down when you don’t want them. The chair features a high-quality, cold-cured foam to provide support.

You can sometimes find a limited selection at your nearby Best Buy, Micro Center, or Staples. Otherwise, thoroughly research the chair you’d like to buy, because it’s a significant investment. There’s value in spending more for a chair that seems to have less material, though. The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody might have the most advanced ergonomics on this list, but it also has the highest price.