You’ve admitted it to yourself and perhaps even spoken it out loud to a close friend: “I don’t really like my wife.” Isn’t that a terrible feeling? realizing that you don’t actually like the spouse you have. Since you two exchanged your wedding vows, she has undoubtedly changed. It has put you in a really challenging situation.

The way you feel is shared by a lot of males. They still love their wife in their hearts, but they no longer enjoy her company. In this case your sense will run like i think i hate my wife. You can attempt to change it so that your marriage has a chance to flourish once again and you can feel more emotionally connected to her than you did in the beginning of your relationship.

It’s truly sad that none of us have the ability to look into the future before we tie the knot. Your wife is obviously not the same person she was then. A perfectly happy individual can become cynical and jaded throughout the course of their life. Maybe your wife feels that you are to blame for her life not turning out the way she expected it to.

It’s possible that she’s stressed out by everything she has to deal with, and you’re supposed to take the brunt of her moodiness. Whatever is now motivating her actions, you are the one who has to deal with the consequences. Clearly, that needs to change.

Think about the aspects of your wife that you dislike. Think on the details. Does she ever speak to you or others in an unpleasant way? By ignoring your needs, has she been abusing you or the kids? Is she suddenly being callous or heartless? You can move forward with attempting to solve it after you can identify precisely what you find unpleasant.

You need to discuss this with your wife. However, there is a very specific way that you must accomplish it. It won’t assist anyone if you approach her with the intention of pointing out everything you dislike about her. You must instead encourage her to come out of her shell. You must make her feel at ease so that she will want to speak with you about how she is feeling and what has altered her.

You must be very clear with her about your love for her and want for your marriage to endure. Inform her that you find her actions hurtful and that you are concerned for her. A wife may occasionally construct a wall around herself if she feels too exposed. She can even start behaving badly toward her husband if she feels he hasn’t been attending to her needs.

You must collaborate to resolve this problem. If your feel is like i think i hate my wife, your relation will be at risk. It may be the ideal chance to reopen the lines of communication so that the two of you feel more united and strong.